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The NDR Group’s projects have not only produced monetary benefits, but have also promoted the creation of new communities.  Widely recognized as an established developer, owner and manager of residential property, The NDR Group has provided opportunities for first-time buyers to own their own home.  This has remained a priority for the organization, as the option of home ownership has become the single most important catalyst for neighborhood stability and revitalization.  To many young families who may not have had the financial means for owning property in the past, The NDR Group has granted them a wish come true. The NDR Group also provides first-time home owners valuable information to facilitate the transition from renter to owner.

“We’re so happy,” says Javier Zamora, a construction worker who, along with his wife Maria, owns one of the townhouses built by The NDR Group.   “We lived in a small apartment for 12 years with our two kids and had no hope of homeownership.  The pride and self-confidence this has afforded our family is truly a gift that will follow us for generations to come.”

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By constructing attractive, innovating housing alternatives for older adults, The NDR Group has also addressed the needs of numerous senior citizens within the New York region.  The NDR Group has a strong track record of creating both multi-generational and senior living communities that are visually integrated to blend into existing residential neighborhoods.  And, they now only build green.

The NDR Group has often resurrected once blighted and deteriorating communities to their former stature as areas of economic development and civic pride. The increased availability of affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, and financial return to the community through income generated from property taxes, in addition The NDR Group’s high standards for quality in each of its endeavors has enabled the organization to earn an enviable track record of success.